Intelligence for Home Energy Management Systems

User centric home energy management is hard because every household is unique. We empower you to turn existing data into proactive services helping your customers get the most out of your system. Maximize your customers' lifetime value now. No additional app nor hardware required.

Support your customers with ongoing configuration

Home Energy Management requires ongoing user-side configuration. Let’s make it easy and fun.

Smart Energy Insights

Help customers turn their energy data into insights

Highlights on key metrics and changes

Anomalies that require attention

Help identify saving opportunities

Energy optimization advice

Empower customers to get the most out of your system.

Help leverage smart modes

Help leverage forecasts and shift consumption

Help optimize settings

Continuous feedback

Make sure your customers feel in control and see how your system works for them.

Provide reassurance

Feedback on progress

Motivate to achieve more

The key to long-term user engagement.

The right info, at the right time, in the right place


Based on each household’s individual data for maximum relevance.


Event-based and near-real-time to enable customers take action before wasting energy. Proposed actions included in every message to make it easy also for non-experts.

No additional app

Sent by your app in your design. Any recommended controls made via your system, so that customers understand how to make changes any time if needed.

Multiple channels

Works as push notification, in-app notification, wall-tablet and email. You decide which channel(s).

Our platform makes it possible

Taking care of the complexity empowering you win on user centric home energy management.

Smart Algorithms

We turn your data into enriched data which is used to trigger messages. Our message queue automatically ensures that users don’t get over-notified.

Pattern recognition

Anomaly detection


Advanced rule engine

Stay in control over what messages are sent to your customers. Our rule engine ensures that advanced algorithms can be leveraged while your customers get consistent messaging.

Powerful messages

Safety mechanisms to stay in control

No-code editor

Our editor and life simulation empowers you to configure any use case without IT effort.

Customize our use case templates

Implement your own use case ideas

Performance monitoring

Advanced analytics enable you to monitor delivered messages and  interactions across all your customers and also for individual customers.

Monitor performance

Insights into user behaviour

Seamlessly integrates with your system

Cloud-to-cloud integration that works with your existing data and integrates with your existing systems.


Data integration

We build an adapter which translates and feeds your building and event data into the MOOST platform.


Message delivery

We send all generated messages into your existing message delivery system or any endpoint of your choice.


Feedback loop

End-user interactions with the delivered messages need to be sent back to MOOST. We help you close this circle.

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